MCBeemers Officers

President: Pat Kelley

(spouse: Lynn Kelley)

As long as I can remember, I was that kid that whenever a motorcycle went by I stopped what I was doing and watched the bike until I could not see it any longer. Much to my mother's chagrin she knew I was like my dad and my older brother. Dad only owned 1 motorcycle and not for very long, sold before they got married.

When I was about 10 I went camping with my best friend and his family. If mom knew that they were taking their motorcycles and mini-bike, I don't think she would have let me go. Anyway, my first motorcycle ride was on the back of a Hodaka Combat Wombat with my friend's older brother, he didn't like me much and popped a wheelie trying to throw me off. I am surprised I did not break one of his ribs holding onto him so tight, that ride scared me to death but at the same time I was totally thrilled and could not wait for my next ride.

That same weekend I had my first ride with me in control. It probably should have been the mini-bike with the Briggs & Stratton and centrifugal clutch but instead my friend was riding that so I got to ride on a Kawasaki 50 or 70 that I had to shift. I didn't know how to shift so it stayed in first gear, I didn't go very far, then we switched and the mini-bike was wonderful a little slower but I loved it. When I got home all I could talk about was wanting a mini-bike. Mom said NO-WAY, so I changed the cards in the spokes of my bicycle to get that better sound. I never passed up a chance to get a ride on any motorcycle.

Fast forward 8 years, I was looking for my first motorcycle. I took a Yamaha XS1100 Special for a test ride. Short straightaway going through the gears, looked down and saw I was at about 100 mph, went back and told the guy I cannot buy it because I would definitely get into too much trouble because it rode so smooth you didn't know how fast you were going. Ended up buying a '76 Yamaha XT500 enduro. First stop sign, I gave it too much gas, let the clutch out a little too fast and that thumper kicked in and raised the front wheel all the way across the road and part way up the block before I could get it back down. Scared me to death (again) and like the first time I was thrilled and loved it.

I rode that bike all over the mountains around Butte, Montana. Even across both the railroad trestles in the area but that is another story. If you are ever on I-90 on the Southeast side of Butte, look up the slope of the mountain and you will see one of the trestles, quite the ride.

I have not really owned too many motorcycles, the '76 Yamaha XT500, '84 Honda GL500 Silverwing Interstate, took almost 12 years off of riding then bought my first BMW, '02 R1150R Roadster, then '09 K1200LT last of the Bricks. A '94 K75RT was Lynn's first bike, '09 Suzuki Bergman 650 Executive Lynn's current bike, '09 Kawasaki KLX250S to play in the dirt (I don't bounce like I used to), now my '13 R1200GS (Best bike I have ever owned).

Well that is my motorcycle bio, what's yours?

Vice Presdient, Events: Betty Ward

Vice Presidents, Rides: Paula Ellis, Cathy Beyers

Paula (significant other: Nick Holland) saw her mother get on the back of a neighbor's motorcycle when she was quite young, and decided, "That's what I want to do!". She never mentioned this goal to Nick, nor did Nick mention his history with motorcycles to Paula until long after they met, so their mutual interest in biking was a mutual surprise. She rides on the back of Nick's LT, and will not accept anything less comfy.

Cathy ...

Paula and Cathy make a good team for ride planning -- Paula likes to tell people where to go, and Cathy can tell them how to make it a good trip getting there.

Treasurer: Jim Mick

(spouse: Jeri Mick)

Jim's first bike was a used scooter -- an Allstate Cruisaire (sp?) sold by Sears. He could legally ride at the age of 14 (under 5 hp, no passenger, and not at night). Next was a new white 1965 Honda 305 Dream during college. The enclosed chain guard convinced his dad it was a good choice. Years in college and the Marine Corps led to no bikes until he met his wife in Hawaii on R&R from Vietnam when Jim rented a 1965 Honda 305 Dream and Jeri got her first motorcycle ride.

After Vietnam, stationed in 29 Palms, CA Jim & Jeri purchased a Honda CB350 and they put almost 5.000 miles on it in just 4 months, so they bought the last (white) 750 BMW from the first shipment to the US in 70/71 using a reenlistment bonus. 24,000 miles in a year and a first child joined the family, so the bike got sold. After a couple more BMWs, Jim is back to a 2002 Honda GL1800.

Newsletter and Website Editor: Nick Holland

(Significant Other: Paula Ellis)

Nick got his first motorcycle ride on the back of a family friend's bike when six or so years old, and his parents bought him and his brother a couple minibikes when they were young -- which could ONLY be driven on their driveway and sidewalk (and the instruction of a police officer ... not on the sidewalk).

His hopes of getting a motorcycle were damped by his parents' "NOT AT MY HOUSE!" rules. However, in an amazing bit of diplomacy, his his younger brother worked over his parents and got permission to get a motorcycle, and Nick picked up one of his own two weeks later from a garage sale at age 21, a seventeen year old, very abused Suzuki T500 two-stroke (mocked as an over-grown chainsaw by his brother). He haulled that bike up to Michigan's UP, and rode a lot of miles around the Copper Country for his first senior year at Michigan Tech, where he got his first awareness of BMW motorcycles, having been pulled over on suspicion of an expired plate (it wasn't! The bike had been ridden enough that spring that by April 1, the plate was covered in mud!). The police officer told of his BMW that he put 20+k miles a year on.

Nick figured he'd sell his T500 to a friend and classmate in the UP and get a newer bike. The buyer asked to borrow and try it out. That afternoon, he picked up his friend and (no longer) buyer from the hospital, so the bike was sold to someone else.

Well, the plans to get a different bike didn't work out, leading to an extended period of no bike, he got back into biking seriously in 2009 when the same friend who had broke his foot on Nick's T500 made him an offer he couldn't refuse on a 1985 BMW K100RT, and was happy to find out that motorcycles had been a secret love of Paula as well. Getting new tires on the K100 lead to the purchase of a 2002 K1200LT, and Ron at the dealership suggested coming for an MCBeemer's meeting, where Nick and Paula met a whole lot of really cool people. Nick's K100 and K1200LT have since been joined by a 1990 Harley FLTC and a Buell Blast. His next bike will probably not be what he currently wants -- either a RnineT or an R1200C